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   РАРИТЕТЫ   [05.01.2008]

фото и подробности по запросу - пишите

BEHEADED "Perpetual Mockery" first press CD 30€
BROKEN HOPE "Repulsive Conseption" first press CD 15€
BRUTALITY "Screams Of Anguish" first press CD 35€
COCK AND BALL TORTURE "Opus(sy) VI" first press CD 20€
DEICIDE "Deicide" first press CD 20€
DEICIDE "Amon: Feasting The Beast" first press CD 15€
DERANGED "Rated-X" first press CD 20€ 
DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA "Not to be Undimensional Conscious" first press CD 15€ 
GUT "Odour Of Torture" first press (RSR!) CD 100€
GUT "The Singles Collection" first press CD 40€
MONSTROSITY "Imperial Doom" first press CD 35€
MORGOTH "The Eternal Fall / Resurrection Absurd" first press CD 15€
PROTECTOR "The Heritage" first press CD 40€

7" EPs:
фото и подробности по запросу - пишите

ABHOTH (SWE) "The Tide" 1991 25€ 
One of the first death metal releases in Sweden! Members of Utumno, Macabre End, Necrophobic, Coercion
ABRUPTUM (SWE) "Evil" 1991 40€Satanic Black Circle, Morgan from Marduk
ACROSTICHON (NL) "Lost Remembrance" 1991 15€ Gray splattered vinyl, Seraphic Decay Recs 
ANCIENT RITES (BE) / THOU ART LORD (GRE) split 1993 35€ Members Of Rotting Christ, Necromantia, Septic Flesh

BATHYM (USA) "Demonic Force" 1991 25€ Great US black/death, pre- SATHANAS, Thrash Recs 
BELSEBUB (SWE) "Elohim" 1992 20€ One of the first death metal bands to use two lead vocalists, Drowned Prods
BENEDICTION (UK) "Experimental Stage" 1992 20€ Nuclear Blast 
BEYOND DAWN (NOR) "Up Through The Linear Shades" 1993 20€ Cult death/doom 
BURIAL (UK) "Effigy" 1992 15€ Rare UK Death 

CARBONIZED (SWE) "No Canonization" 1992 35€
Cult Swedish Progressive Death! Members of Enthombed, Therion, Carnage, Dismember, Tharsh Recs  
CATACOMB (FR) "In The Maze Of Kadath" 1993 20€ Rare old school death, Drowned Prods
CATACOMB (IT) "The Return Of The Ark" 1992 15€ Cult Dark Death Metal, pre- NOVEMBRE
CRUCIFER (USA) "Pray For The Dead" 1992 15€ US old school Death, Wild Rags Recs

DAMONACY (USA) "Therapeutic Morbidity" 1992 15€ US Death/Thrash, Corpse Grinder Recs
DARKIFIED (SWE) "Sleep Forever" 1992 25€
Cult Death/Black band in the early Swedish underground scene, members of Marduk, Pan.Thy.Monium, Edge of Sanity,  Drowned Prods
DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA (AT) "Successive Substitution" 1988 20€ Cult Death metal/grindcore release, Nuclear Blast

ENSLAVED / NECROMANCE (DE) 1991 10€ Technical death/tharsh vs industrial metal, the first ever release of Morbid Recs!
ETERNAL DARKNESS (SWE) "Doomed" 1992 20€ Cult death/doom 20€
EXCESS OF CRUELTY (BE) 1992 10€ death metal on Lowland Recs 15€
EXCIDIUM "Infecting The Graves" 15€

GENERAL SURGERY "Necrology" Relapse Recs 1991 30€
GENERIC "Torched" 10€
GOLEM "Visceral Scab" 10€
GOREMENT (Swe) "Into Shadows" Poserslaughter Recs 30€
GUT/MORPHEA split EP 25€

IMMORTAL "Unholy Forces Of Evil / Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" 50€

KILLING ADDICTION "Necrosphere" Seraphic Decay Recs 30€


MALEDICTION "Mould Of An Industrial Horizon" 15€
MASTER / ABOMINATION Nuclear Blast 1991  20€
MORBID SYMPHONY (UK) "Permanence In Dark Earth" Corpse Gristle Recs 20€
MORBIUS (USA) "Underground Civilization" 20€

NECROPSY (FIN) "Never To Be Forgotten" Seraphic Decay Recs 30€
NEMBRIONIC HAMMERDEATH "Themes On An Occult Theory" Displeased Recs 1992 15€
NERGAL / P.S.F. Wild Rags Recs 1992 20€
NIHIL LOCUS "Sub Hyerosolyma.." 15€

OCCULT (FRA) "Intersincarnael" Tharsh Recs 15€
ORDER FROM CHAOS (BE) "Will To Power" 30€

PUTRIFACT "Visceral Devourment" 1991 15€
PYOGENESIS (DE) 1st EP 1992 25€

ROTTEN FLESH "Holy Tears" Drowned Prods 1992 20€
ROTTING CHRIST "Visions Of The Dead Lovers" Osmose Prods 1992 30€
R.U.DEAD "Hypnos" Morbid Recs 1992 15€

SURGERY (SWE) Tharsh Recs 1990 20€

THOU SHALT SUFFER (NOR) "Open The Mysteries Of Your Creation" 45€ Samot from Emperor on guitar

WINGS Thorns On Thy Oaken Throne 10€
XYSMA (FIN) "Fata Morgana" Yellow cover! Gray vinyl! Seraphic Decay Recs 25€

12" LPs:
фото и подробности по запросу - пишите

ANNIHILATOR Never, Neverland EX+ LP, 24 у.е.
ASSASSIN INterstellar Experience EX+ LP, 24 у.е.
ANNIHILATOR Stonewall UK 1991 Roadrunner EX+ P/S 12", 12 у.е.
ANTHRAX Attack Of The Killer B's UK 1991 Island EX+ LP, 16 у.е.
ANTHRAX Persistence Of Time 1990 Island EX LP, 14 у.е.
ANTHRAX State Of Euphoria 1988 Island EX LP, 14 у.е.
DEATH "Spiritual Healing" 30 у.е. (состояние очень хорошее)
DEATH "Spiritual Healing" 25 у.е. (состояние чуть хуже)
DEATH ANGEL "Act 3 III" 13 у.е. 
ENTOMBED "Out Of Hand" 12" EP 25 у.е. 
FLOTSAM & JETSAM Doomsday For The Deceiver EX LP, 16 у.е.
FLOTSAM & JETSAM Saturday Night 1988 EX P/S 12", 14 у.е.
KREATOR "Terrible Certainty" 23 у.е.
KREATOR "Endless Pain/Flag Of Hate" 23 у.е.
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Good Times Bad Times '88 EX P/S 12", 17 у.е.
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Survive EX LP, 23 у.е.
NUCLEAR ASSAULT The Plague EX LP, 23 у.е.
OVERKILL "Taking Over" 17 у.е.
SACRED REICH The American Way EX LP, 25 у.е.
TESTAMENT Live At Eindhoven '87 Mega Force EX LP, 15 у.е.

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